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Global Warming

Climate Change

Finite Fossil Fuels

Alternative Energy



Carbon Ownershsip

CO2 Contamination

Carbon Culture

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"This order [i.e. capitalism] is now bound to the technical and economic conditions of machine production which today determine the lives of all the individuals who are born into this mechanism... Perhaps it will so determine them until the last ton of fossilised coal is burnt."

Max Weber, 1905

Oil & War Quiz

Finite Fossil Fuels

We are running out of fossil fuels.
Just how quickly is a matter of debate , economics and a lot of politics.
Unfortunately, most of the oil now being consumed in the world is occurring on the other side of the world where there are the greatest reserves. "We consume" about 84 million barrels a day. ..."Info"...Biggest reserves..where /who

There is much talk about "reserves", and there is a strong market argument that the higher the price for oil, the more it is worth excavating shale and the like. But this ignores the increased difficulty in getting any oil in terms of energy/security, not too mention those who can't afford the higher prices..

How long will the oil last?
We are not the only one asking this question. However, we need to worry about what happens long before it runs out.

'Peak' Oil refers to the maximum rate of the production of oil in any area under consideration, recognising that it is a finite natural resource, subject to depletion.

World ASPO

UK: Britain released the latest national energy statistics through the end of 2006. Total production was 196.1 million tons of oil equivalent, 9.0 per cent lower than in 2005. Within this, production of petroleum fell by 9.3 percent, production of natural gas fell by 9.1 percent and production of coal fell by 8.3 percent." Peak Oil Review. The UK is set to become a net importer of crude oil and refined products in 2007. it may be that the UK has to face up to hiw much oil it uses before anybody else, as there are only about 250 barrels per person compatred with say Norway with 4000. More

Have you wondered whether the new Climate Change Bill looks like he ASPO Oil Protocol dressed up? The proposed annual reduction of CO2 of around 2.5% is roughly what has been suggested as the expected global oil production capacity decline rate.

Coal "Clean Coal"

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