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Counting Carbon - internal

Count your carbon based on the measurements you made of: fuel used. There is an internationally recognised method for counting carbon of different fuels. A metric measure is used to comapre emissions from differrent greenhouse gasesbased on their global warming potential (GWP).

To simplify the calculations we recommend you use the calculator provided free on-line by the UK National Energy Federation. Here you can input a variety of fuels to calculate your overall carbon score.

The calculator will add up all you emissions in kgCO2 from different fuel sources and convert the total into equivalent kg of carbon.

For the mathematically minded:
How CO2e calculations are carried out

Click for All the top CO2e calculators

Debate on counting: Direct Impacts

Zerofootprint can provide individual counters for everybody at work, to help engage employees in any company plan.

Renewable Obligations Certificates in the UK represent a direct claim to emissions reductions resulting from renewable energy generation:

  • Check what Renewable Obligation Certificates your supplier holds
  • Ask your electricity provider to supply confirmation of the percentage of energy they supply covered by their RECs.
  • Deduct this % from your carbon score.
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