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Carbon Culture

Where you stand in relation to carbon footprints and emissions is becoming both a necessity and a syle statement - for some. But not all.

The most recent opinion poll by ipsos MORI (Sept 2006 pdf) found

1. Most people thought global warming (36%) / Climate CHange (17%) was the main threat to "future wellbeing" of the world.

2. One third knew nothing about climate change

3. Two thirds thought Britain could "make a real difference in stopping global warming".

4. 60% would use their car in the same way even if price of fuel doubled.

Clearly when one third don't understand, and nearly two thirds will drive on regardless, the emphasis must be on governmental and organisational change. Becoming carbon neutral on an individual level, although very admirable, will not solve global warming,

But we can have a look at what people are doing in order to help determine the carbon culture of our organisations. Each organisation has its own culture, whether deliberate (eg IKEA/ICI) or not. For more on what your the environmental culture of your organisation may be, check out our EP@W home page on environmental "Culture".

Lets have a look at our assessment of what we think various famous people's place in the carbon counting...our Carbon Countenders..

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