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Global Warming

Climate Change

Finite Fossil Fuels

Alternative Energy



Carbon Ownershsip

CO2 Contamination

Carbon Culture

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What's going on?
The world works in a similar way to people.
People 'respire' in order to live...



Runner c'right:
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Carbon Dioxide CO2
We eat carbohyrates to provide calories -
this 'fuels' what we do.
Whatever we do, we burn the fuel and then breathe out carbon dioxide - a process called 'respiration'. Are we exercising enough? If you run too fast you will either run out of fuel, or run 'out of breath' - because you've produced too much carbon dioxide.

The world too 'respires'...

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Fossil Fuels


Carbon Dioxide CO2

We are burning up a lot of
the world's fossil fuels -
mainly coal, oil and gas.
As we make & do more, we also burn more in the process called 'industrialisation', producing more carbon dioxide. Are we burning too much? Carbon doxide is accumulating in the upper atmosphere, trapping warmer air below -
making the whole world warm up.

The process of burning fuels to make goods is our way of making life. But can we go on at this speed? We say we need to slow down, in order to provide a more sustainabe future. For more on this industrialisation, click Global Warming or other issues in left hand navigation bar. And find out Why we need to start counting carbon....

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