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Who can Count?

Anybody in any organisation can start to count carbon. This Carbon Counting Toolkit is designed particularly for people at work, who have the freedom to move. This 'autonomy' means they can ask questions of the relevant people, check what is going on and raise issues with appropriate people.

A Carbon Counter can be expected to:

Typically a Carbon Counter will be 'level 3' in vocational learning terms - between management and the shopfloor. This means a Counter can be expected to carry out quite complex tasks but do not have the responsibilities of management. The Counter may be counting carbon as training for management, or as a function of turning policies into practices. Consult with others. A "Carbon Counter" will need to work with others to determine particular roles and responsibilities. Managers may be responsible for planning, while others may write the necessary procedures, while others may do the actual measuring and monitoring. Ask relevent questions
Find out sources Collect evidence
Carry out simple maths

Suggest improvements

A Carbon Counter could be a skilled worker, supervisor, a trade union rep, an energy champion, technician, or a junior manager. We at EP@W are investigating the possibility of developing a national qualification to back up this Toolkit.

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